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Ransom Notes

Ransom Notes
Ransom Notes
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A creative party game for making hilariously terrible sentences. Players respond to outlandish situations like "Tell someone you've clogged their toilet at a party" with just their limited pool of word magnets, leaving even master wordsmiths no choice but to create awesomely horrendous phrases. With hundreds of word magnets included, every round is always fresh, wildly creative, and tears-streaming-down-your-face funny.

Each round, the player judge picks a situation and players try to come up with the best answer from their pool of magnets. Each is presented and the judge picks a winner. The game ends at a pre-determined number of rounds the player with the most points wins.

Players 3 - 6 players
Age 17+ years
Time 30 - 90 mins
Designers Unknown
Artists Unknown
Mechanism Player Judge, Turn Order: Progressive
Year Published 2021
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