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HeroQuest: The Mage of the Mirror - Solo

HeroQuest: The Mage of the Mirror ($62.99) - Solo
HeroQuest: The Mage of the Mirror - Solo
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This adventure sees trouble brewing in the elven kingdom, and a brave elf must first manage their way through dangerous solo quests before rejoining their party to confront the diabolical archmage, Sinestra.

The Mage of the Mirror includes a Quest Book featuring 10 quests, 33 finely detailed miniatures, and 35 game cards that will expand the game for both Zargon and the heroes.

Players 1 - 5 players
Age 14+ years
Time 30 - 120 mins
Designers Unknown
Artists Unknown
Mechanism Dice Rolling, Die Icon Resolution, Grid Movement, Once-Per-Game Abilities, Role Playing, Roles with Asymmetric Information, Roll / Spin and Move, Scenario / Mission / Campaign Game, Semi-Cooperative Game, Solo / Solitaire Game, Storytelling, Turn Order: Pass Order
Year Published 2023
Difficulty 0.0/5
Game Type Coop Game
Rating 8.5/10
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