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Rem Racers - Board Games

Rem Racers - Board Games
Rem Racers - Board Games
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REM Racers is a 2-5 players fun Remotes racing game for the whole family, set in Infinity’s sci-fi Universe. Drivers will try to cross the finish line and stay in the lead while surviving the attacks of their rivals.

Using movement templates and equipment cards they will try to push the other vehicles off the track and avoid being destroyed themselves.

Each player will take the role of a racer and operate their controller with the control pad. Each remote has its own stats and special abilities. In addition, all racers have access to equipment cards with weapons to create chaos on the track.

Speed and adrenaline are the protagonists of the race! Strategies will be pushed to the limit and only the driver with the sharpest mind will come out on top!

Players 2 - 5 players
Age 0+ years
Time 60 - 90 mins
Designers Fernando Lago
Artists Chester Ocampo
Mechanism Dice Rolling, Movement Template, Race, Variable Player Powers
Year Published 2024
Difficulty 3.0/5
Game Type Competitive
Rating 7.4/10
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