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Paper Trail - Board Games

Paper Trail - Board Games
Paper Trail - Board Games
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Help these students survive their 7th grade history class!
By passing notes around the classroom, you can add some fun into their dreadfully dull day. The teacher is searching high and low for these mischievous notes, so don’t get caught!

Students pass notes around the classroom from desk to desk while the teacher tries to find & confiscate these notes. Students also race each other to score the most points before class ends. A student-player wins by passing enough notes to end the game AND scoring the most points. The teacher wins by confiscating enough notes to end the game.

—description from the designer

Players 2 - 5 players
Age 14+ years
Time 45 - 45 mins
Designers Unknown
Artists Travis Deere
Mechanism Deduction, Hidden Movement, Push Your Luck
Year Published 2024
Difficulty 0.0/5
Game Type Competitive
Rating 9.4/10
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