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Doodle Heist - Family

Doodle Heist - Family
Doodle Heist - Family
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Doodle Heist is a fun and frantic team drawing game with a twist. No artistic skills needed, but you've got to be quick if you're going to win! Can you crack the code before the other team steals your chance at victory?


1. Get Ready!
Divide into teams, choose an artist, and set the board with clues. Each team's artist holds a secret key card with the correct answer for the round.

2. Draw & Guess
Both teams race to identify what their artist is drawing using clues on the board. Be careful, many clues are similar!

3. Steal & Win!
Win points for guessing your team's doodle correctly ... and if you do it fast enough, steal points from the other team by guessing their doodle, too!

Players 4 - 16 players
Age 10+ years
Time 30 - 30 mins
Designers Shawn Patrick Green
Artists Unknown
Mechanism Communication Limits, Deduction, Drawing, Team-Based Game
Year Published 2023
Difficulty 0.0/5
Game Type Team Game
Rating 10.0/10
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