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Dying Light: The Board Game - Solo

Dying Light: The Board Game - Solo
Dying Light: The Board Game - Solo
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Stay human? In the City, it's easier said than done.

Based on the best-selling video game series, Dying Light: The Board Game sees 1-4 players assume the roles of Runners—daredevils trying to outlive the end of civilization in the post-apocalyptic setting of Villedor, the last human outpost on Earth. There, they have to work together to survive wave after wave of the unrelenting, zombie-like Infected.

While maintaining an intuitive and easy to learn ruleset, the game aspires to provide a fresh take on the survival genre, offering both cooperative and true solo experiences. It boasts a sprawling, modular city map with spectacular 3D structures, interactive aids and hazards, an original, adrenaline-fueled parkour and combat system, a menagerie of ghastly enemies, and an impactful day and night cycle. Spicing things up is a dynamic narrative that sees the players struggling to stay on the good side of the different factions running the city, forcing them to swiftly adapt to newly revealed threats and rapidly shifting alliances.

Players 1 - 4 players
Age 0+ years
Time 0 - 0 mins
Designers Bartosz Tomala, Przemysław Zub
Artists Unknown
Mechanism Unknown
Year Published 2025
Difficulty 0.0/5
Game Type Competitive
Rating 7.6/10
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