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Awaken Realms

Tamashii: Chronicle Of Ascend – Stretch Goals
Brand: Awaken Realms Model: BGNM4870
Additional scenarios, bodies, enemies and game modes...
Brand: Awaken Realms Model: BGNM4868
Additional character with its own character card, and three special owl tokens.The body of the Owlman has been improved for decades in terms of cooperation with animals. These modifications help him control the terrain around him and spot enemies in front of everyone else in practice...
Brand: Awaken Realms Model: BGNM4869
This expansion introduces a new story that tells about some deeply hidden secrets that are strongly unfavorable to ASCEND.The machines will do everything in their power to prevent players from discovering these uncomfortable stories. Contrary to the main storyline, the adventures of Forbidden Chapte..
Brand: Awaken Realms Model: BGNM4867
With this expansion, we will go back several years before the action of the main storyline in order to find, get to know, and convince Catie on our side.This expansion introduces a new body to the game, a unique scenario, special Data tokens, new tiles and a deck of Catie's Diary cards...
Tamashii: Chronicle Of Ascend
Brand: Awaken Realms Model: BGNM4866
Tamashii is a cyberpunk adventure board game with a post-apocalyptic vibe. Players will struggle to survive and pursue their agendas in two worlds at the same time - the physical one, filled with deadly machines and merciless human survivors, and the virtual one, prowled by tracking software and vic..
Brand: Awaken Realms Model: BGNM4728
Additional hero (Valkyrie) expansion with high quality miniature and hero board, including special rules.—description from the publisher..
Brand: Awaken Realms Model: BGNM4730
Utgard is a land that was sometimes recognized as the world and sometimes only as a fortress located in Jotunheim. Regardless, it was a place inhabited by Ice Giants. In the game, Utgard will replace Jotunheim. With this realm, you will introduce Ice Giants to the game, which players with an allianc..
Brand: Awaken Realms Model: BGNM4727
Lords of Ragnarok: Stretch Goals contains all of the Gamefound Stretch Goals from the Lords of Ragnarok campaign.Contains: Heimdall monument with associated help and artifact cards Hel monument with associated help and artifact cards Fenrir model with monster card Jormungandr model ..
Brand: Awaken Realms Model: BGNM4729
The Aegir monument introduces Snekkar ships. Each player will receive four such boats and will be able to put them on the board in the spot with their Drakkar and then move them on the same rules as their Drakkar (dividing the movement between their Snekkar and/or their Drakkar). The Aegir monument ..
Brand: Awaken Realms Model: BGNM4731
This extra Monster variety pack brings 4 new Monsters to the game. The monsters here can be used interchangably with the monsters from the core box.Contents:- Garm model with monster and artifact card- Mare model with monster and artifact card- Nokken model with monster and artifact card- Nidhoggr m..
Brand: Awaken Realms Model: BGNM4726
In this 1-4 player strategic board game, you will lead a unique, asymmetric hero and their army, trying to be the ultimate victor in a war that unfolds over approximately 120 minutes. Players will choose from various actions, such as building monuments, hunting monsters, ravaging the lands, and gath..
Brand: Awaken Realms Model: BGNM3386
Nemesis: Lockdown - Stretch Goals contains all of the Kickstarter Stretch Goals from the Nemesis: Lockdown Kickstarter, except for the Hacker & Xenobiologist Character Packs which are included in the Lockdown box.Includes: New Alien Race - Chytrids: 12 Minis (8 Chytrid Stinkhorns, 3 Chytrid ..
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