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Bad Comet

Brand: Bad Comet Model: BGNM5364
Meet a variety of Serengeti animals not seen in the base game! The 8 Animal Partners included in the Expansion Pack are used in their own unique ways, different from the 12 animals used in the base game. Furthermore, the additional Scene Cards and Specialist Cards will enrich the gaming experience a..
Brand: Bad Comet Model: BGNM5363
WILD: Serengeti is a board game inspired by the endless plains of the Serengeti. This game combines the joy of puzzle-solving with elements of set-collection and engine-building to create a deep and unique strategic experience. The mesmerizing artwork, 3D components and detailed animeeples will guid..
Brand: Bad Comet Model: BGNM5365
Shaolia is a board game filled with deadly strategy and countless possibilities to build your own kingdom. Build your very own kingdom with various building & character cards Utilize creative tactics to take the lead with highly dynamic game play Dive into the world of Shaolia thro..
Brand: Bad Comet Model: BGNM5366
Shaolia: Great Houses is an expansion to Shaolia: Warring States which brings not only new cards, but also new mechanics and game modes to give the players more options in pursuing their paths to victory.The expansion introduces the titular Great Houses. There is also a solo mode new to Shaolia whic..
Brand: Bad Comet Model: BGNM5368
This Mini-Expansion was made from the Stretch goals of the Life of the Amazonia Kickstarter campaign. It was free for backers of the Kickstarter, but will be sold separately in the future.It contains: 8 unique Animals with 8 cards and 9 wooden animals (2 Piranhas) 8 Animal Cards: E Set and F..
Brand: Bad Comet Model: BGNM5367
Build your very own thriving jungle by discovering various wild animals, insects, and plants in this beautiful board game.Life of the Amazonia is a strategic meeple placing game that combines bag building and pattern building. Players will restore land, place various animals, and plant trees and flo..
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