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Ashes Reborn: Red Rains – The Siege Of Lordswall

Ashes Reborn: Red Rains – The Siege Of Lordswall
Ashes Reborn: Red Rains – The Siege Of Lordswall
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Phoenixborn and Chimera Expansion Decks!

It began with war, the dead being unceremoniously dumped in an old mine. But the Red Rains flooded those tunnels, producing something horrifying. Now a veritable tide of human thralls surges toward Lordswall, their will controlled by the crimson crystals growing from their flesh. Choose from four returning Phoenixborn: Odette, Xander, Dimona, and James, each wielding a brand new signature card. Use the included new divine magic player deck to repel the enemy at the city’s gates! Hold the line, protect your comrades, then smite the wickedness of the crystalline plague. Stop the horde at Lordswall or brace for extinction!

—description from the publisher

Players 1 - 2 players
Age 14+ years
Time 30 - 60 mins
Designers Nick Conley, Isaac Vega
Artists Barbara Lucas, Jen Santos, Fajareka Setiawan, Fernanda Suárez
Mechanism Card Play Conflict Resolution, Cooperative Game, Deck Construction, Dice Rolling, Die Icon Resolution
Year Published 2024
Difficulty 0.0/5
Game Type Coop Game
Rating 10.0/10
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