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Brand: Plaid Hat Games Model: BGNM4903
Bring the uncaring harshness of the mountain to the battlefield! General Sunderved and his army of goat-folk apply brute force to every problem, smashing, ramming, and shoving any who get in their way. Reshape the battlefield as you see fit, then dominate it with the Mountain Vargath!—descript..
Brand: Plaid Hat Games Model: BGNM4904
Embrace entropy with the ever-hungry Crimson Order. Baron Daemar and his children know that death and decay will lay claim to aught. They feast upon those who oppose them, then grant unlife with their vampiric blood. Frustrate your foe with an enemy that grinds their forces down, all while healing t..
Ashes Reborn: Red Rains – The Frostwild Scourge
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Brand: Plaid Hat Games Model: BGNM4720
Phoenixborn and Chimera Expansion Decks! The Phoenixborn Rin, Lulu, Aradel and Koji return to battle, this time teamed up against the mighty Chimera; The Frostwild Scourge! Each of these returning Phoenixborn come equipped with a new signature card, and ANY of them can be used with the ALL NEW natur..
Brand: Plaid Hat Games Model: BGNM4418
The lowly followers of Mugglug will not hesitate to sacrifice everything to boost the strength and staying power of their betters! Feed your vitality to Mugglug, and bear witness as she becomes an unstoppable juggernaut in battle!..
Brand: Plaid Hat Games Model: BGNM4417
From deep within the desert wastes, the Sand Goblins ride into battle! Take the wheel with Krusk, who’s chaotic driving allows him to transport gangs of goblin riders across the battlefield. Soup up your rides with various vehicle upgrades, cruise into battle, and detonate them for maximum may..
Brand: Plaid Hat Games Model: BGNM4420
The Obsidian Dwarves are a mighty faction of warriors led by the explosively erratic Balzar. Balzar will become enraged through combat, scaling up and down in power throughout the fight. Watch him charge up and exhaust his boost meter to fuel the strongest abilities this faction has to offer. Equip ..
Brand: Plaid Hat Games Model: BGNM4419
Valeria the Just and her High Elves tirelessly persecute the unrepentant who wield Itharia's magic for their own corrupt purposes.Behold as Valeria calls upon holy laws that alter the rules of engagement! Both sides must obey those laws, yet only the High Elves seem to find them a blessing..
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