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Brand: Cranio Creations Model: BGNM5035
In Rats of Wistar, you play the role of one of the four rats who organized the escape from a lab. As such, you will have to lead your family to prove that you are the most deserving of leading the entire colony. Thanks to your extraordinary skills, you will be able to explore the Farm until you reac..
Brand: Cranio Creations Model: BGNM5036
Your ancient alien civilization is leaving its dying planet in search of a new homeland. The promised land is represented by Gaia, which is home to the magnificent human civilization of Atlantis. But beware, other Houses (factions) of your civilization also have the same goal and only one will be ab..
Brand: Cranio Creations Model: BGNM3746
Barrage is now for 5 players.This expansion includes: 5 players rules 5 players map 1 wheel for the fifth player a small management board with additional actions an overlay for the turn order a new set of contracts more wooden machineriesImportant note: in order to play w..
Barrage: The Leeghwater Project
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Brand: Cranio Creations Model: BGNM1483
Barrage: The Leeghwater Project ExpansionThe Leeghwater Project Expansion adds:A new faction, the Netherlands, that uses Jan Leeghwater’s expertise in water management, adding even more water to your dams.The External Works mechanic, a set of powerful tiles that can be obtained from a new acti..
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Brand: Cranio Creations Model: BGNM1482
In the dystopic 1930s, the industrial revolution pushed the exploitation of fossil-based resources to the limit, and now the only thing powerful enough to quench the thirst for power of the massive machines and of the unstoppable engineering progress is the unlimited hydroelectric energy provided by..
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