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Juicy Fruits: Mystic Island
Brand: Deep Print Games Model: BGNM5644
Not far from the fruit paradise found in Juicy Fruits, players have discovered a mysterious island, which they can now explore with the help of their explorer figure. If you have good timing when moving your figures across the island, you can collect additional points.Juicy Fruits: Mystic Island con..
Brand: Deep Print Games Model: BGNM5643
Each player has their own small island paradise where they grow delicious fruit. To win, you must gain the most points by cleverly supplying ships and by adding the best businesses to your island.Your turn in Juicy Fruits works like this: First, you slide one of your fruit collector tokens a number ..
Triqueta: Hidden Wolves
Brand: Deep Print Games Model: BGNM5475
This expansion to Triqueta introduces a new type of animal: the friendly but shy wolves, who prefer to keep to the shadows. They step out from the shadows at the end of the game and are then worth a lot of points when forming a triqueta. However, since one of each other animal is also hiding in the ..
Brand: Deep Print Games Model: BGNM5272
In the oceans around the equator, a beautiful habitat shines with bright colors. Coral reefs are underwater ecosystems and home to many species. However, as a result of global warming, reefs have been declining massively in recent decades, and it is up to us to protect them to keep them alive!Lumico..
Brand: Deep Print Games Model: BGNM4952
As the morning sun tentatively rises above the high moor, its light filters through the remaining mist. The ground beneath the swaying, ancient trees is a haven for specialized animals and plants, making this an important place for our environment.In Moorland, it's up to you to manage this fragile a..
Brand: Deep Print Games Model: BGNM4798
Something has changed in Renature valley: mushrooms are suddenly shooting up everywhere, completely changing the way the game is played! A mushroom allows areas to be connected and enlarged, allowing another player to take over an area!Transform the polluted valley back into an intact ecosystem, let..
Brand: Deep Print Games Model: BGNM4765
Triqueta is a set collection game for 2-5 players. Over four rounds, players draft animal tokens, trying to form a set of three for each animal type. Three tokens of the same type form a "triqueta".In each round, you and the other players draw animal tokens and place them in multiple rows...
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