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Brand: Devir Model: BGNM5519
Wolfgang Kramer's Flash 10 is a quick-playing take on the Rack-O game system, with players trying to arrange cards in numerical order – but doing so all at the same time.The card deck includes 120 cards, twenty showing a thunderstorm and the other hundred numbered 0-99, with each card ending i..
Brand: Devir Model: BGNM5520
Autumn, a game of paths and falling leaves, is a 18 cards minigame.In Autumn each player takes turns placing a card on other previously played cards. Each card shows four groups of leaves and, in order to play it, you should place it overlapping other cards in play, covering one or two groups. The g..
Brand: Devir Model: BGNM5482
You've been tasked by the city council to put together a plan to transform a whole neighborhood in the city. You have the opportunity to build new housing, office buildings, parks, and leisure areas near the waterfront. It is in your hands to make the city a better place.Cities is a city-building ga..
Rock Hard: 1977
Brand: Devir Model: BGNM5333
It's 1977. You're an up-and-coming musician, dreaming of making it big with your band. Over the next few months you'll rehearse, play gigs, write songs, and promote your band. With careful planning and a little luck, you'll earn the most fame and become the best new artist of the year.Designed by Ja..
Brand: Devir Model: BGNM5188
People refer to this vast place only as the desert since no one remembers what was here before. The golden age of human beings has long passed. Now there is only sand, and the only hope is in the humidity.Travelers cross the desert that stretches from the slopes of the Akaishi Mountains to the cliff..
Brand: Devir Model: BGNM4988
Salton Sea is a unique place located in California, very close to the border with Mexico. The characteristics of this salty lake make it a unique location to generate geothermal energy, which takes advantage of the heat from the planet. In this area of intense geothermal activity, you will drill the..
Brand: Devir Model: BGNM4987
ESPAÑA 1936 is a game of historical simulation that recreates the facts occurred during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39).It is played on a board depicting Spain and divided in connected zones, with counters at operational level. It has cards to develop the events of the war and to modify decis..
Brand: Devir Model: BGNM4717
The heron flies over the Himeji sky while the Daimio, from the top of the castle, watches his servants move. Gardeners tend the pond, where the koi carp live, warriors stand guard on the walls, and courtiers crowd the gates, pining for an audience that brings them closer to the innermost circles of ..
Brand: Devir Model: BGNM4718
Enjoy a new taste of Bitoku with Bitoku: Resutoran, a three-module expansion that you can add to the base game as you prefer. Do you want the full menu? Add all of them! Do you want to try a bite? Add just one, and enjoy the banquet. Itadakimasu!Modules include new Iwakura rocks, new Yokai cards, an..
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