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Sentinels Of The Multiverse: Definitive Edition – Rook City Renegades
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Brand: GreaterThan Games Model: BGNM5044
Rook City. Nighttime. The Cult of Gloom performs their dark rituals, seeking to open the way for their dread lord and master. Rumors abound of a red-masked killer lurking in the shadows. A monstrous giant rat-man-beast stalks the sewers, its terrible teeth teeming with toxins. And, above it all, The..
Sentinels Of The Multiverse: Definitive Edition – Disparation
Brand: GreaterThan Games Model: BGNM5045
The Multiverse and its many disparate realities has always been a place of great pandemonium, and of great interest! Hundreds of bizarre stories have come out of the Sentinel Comics book known as Disparation, and now it is time for those stories to leave their mark on your tabletop!Sentinels of the ..
Brand: GreaterThan Games Model: BGNM5043
Sentinels of the Multiverse is back, and better than ever! With all-new art, notably streamlined mechanics, and new stories to experience, this is the award-winning cooperative comic-book card game you’ve been waiting for!Sentinels of the Multiverse is a cooperative game in which each player c..
License To Grill
Brand: GreaterThan Games Model: BGNM4984
A tetromino placement game for 3-5 players, License to Grill is about would-be grillmasters competing with each other for limited space on the cookout's only grill. The best cooked-recipes will score points towards victory, but watch out! Players can run out of space on the grill to place their comp..
Illimat: The False Baron'S Set
Brand: GreaterThan Games Model: BGNM4627
Illimat: The False Baron's Set features six additional Luminary options for Illimat, bringing new strategies and surprises to your experience.Will you take a chance on The Gambler, or use the Astrologer to harness the power of the Stars? Will your summer plans wither away in The Drought, or will you..
Illimat: The Crane Wife Expansion
Brand: GreaterThan Games Model: BGNM4626
Add new strategies and surprises to Illimat with new Luminaries and Okus tokens inspired by The Crane Wife. The Loom allows you to craft at a cost. The Island is a place of isolation, while The Boat bridges the divide between distant fields. Will you pull off The Perfect Crime, or will The Butchers ..
Brand: GreaterThan Games Model: BGNM4625
Illimat has the style and flavor of a classic card game with a dynamic twist. As you play, you combine cards and collect them, trying to gather more than your opponents. But hidden Luminaries and changing seasons can alter your plans. Featuring a cloth board, metal tokens, and illustrations by Carso..
Brand: GreaterThan Games Model: BGNM4632
In Cool Cool Cool, you and your friends are in a tongue-twisting, fast-drawing, card-slapping competition. Who can gather the most cards by the time someone is eliminated?Players are dealt an even number of cards, each showing different slang words. A few random rules cards are played which add scor..
Brand: GreaterThan Games Model: BGNM4604
Since time untold, Spirits have existed on the Island. There are Spirits whose names are known by the local Dahan people — Spirits of growth and fire, of strength and river. But these are not the only Spirits… Legends whispered on the rarest of days tell stories of Spirits from the deep..
Brand: GreaterThan Games Model: BGNM1259
Spirit Island: Jagged Earth includes: 3 New Scenarios 10 New Spirits - including 41 Unique Power Cards 2 New Adversaries - including 4 Adversary Reminder Tiles 2 New Island Boards 30 New Event Cards 6 New Fear Cards 7 New Blight Cards 24 New Major Power Cards - includ..
Spirit Island
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Brand: GreaterThan Games Model: BGNM1029
In the most distant reaches of the world, magic still exists, embodied by spirits of the land, of the sky, and of every natural thing. As the great powers of Europe stretch their colonial empires further and further, they will inevitably lay claim to a place where spirits still hold power - and when..
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Medium: Second Sight
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Brand: GreaterThan Games Model: BGNM1091
Medium: Second Sight expands the mind-reading game Medium, providing new sets of words for all-new mind melds as well as new ESP (extra special power) cards to add to gameplay!..
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