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Marvel Champions: The Card Game – Gambit Hero Pack
Brand: Fantasy Flight Games Model: BGNM3981
Raised in the seedy underworld of New Orleans as part of the Thieves Guild, Remy LeBeau left behind a life of crime to join the X-Men. Now, he uses his mutant power to charge items with explosive energy while fighting evil as the hero Gambit.This Cajun card-thrower charms his way into the game with ..
Arkham Horror: The Card Game – Fortune and Folly: Scenario Pack
Brand: Fantasy Flight Games Model: BGNM3982
A casino in Monte Carlo is twisting luck in its favor, gaining massive wealth but also endangering its patrons. You and your fellow investigators must steal the source of the casino’s power and put a stop to their nefarious work, but doing so will be no easy task. Will fortune favor the bold? ..
Model: BGNM3930
Frodo Baggins and his companions have only just begun their legendary quest to destroy the One Ring and defeat Sauron. The journey is fraught with danger, from the brutal Uruk-hai to the terrifying Balrog, to say nothing of the dreaded Nazgûl that hound them at every step. But even in the face..
The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth – Scourges of the Wastes Figure Pack
Model: BGNM3931
The noble kingdom of Rohan has a long history of war, and the aftermaths of those wars can still be felt today in the unquiet dead of the marshes to the East and in the grudge held by the Dunlendings to the West. Now, an avaricious enemy has set plans in motion from the shadows, and you and your fel..
Brand: Fantasy Flight Games Model: BGNM3912
Once worshipped as a goddess for her ability to control the weather, Ororo Munroe left that life behind when she answered Charles Xavier’s call for help. Now, Ororo uses her powers to defend mutants around the world as one of the mighty X-Men, Storm.This mighty mutant soars into battle with th..
Brand: Fantasy Flight Games Model: BGNM3784
Gifted with a powerful healing factor and armed with adamantium claws that can cut through anything, the hero known as Wolverine is a force to be reckoned with. Though trained as a killer by Weapon X, Wolverine has dedicated his life to helping others as one of the X-Men, and now he tears his way in..
Brand: Fantasy Flight Games Model: BGNM3787
Welcome, one and all!Join us in the marvelous and magnificent Mojoverse, a terrifically televised realm of nonstop entertainment and jaw-dropping drama. We have a really special show for you tonight, folks: a bunch of upstart heroes think they can triumph over the trials before them, but will they a..
The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game – Angmar Awakened Hero Expansion
Model: BGNM3763
The mysterious Dúnedain tirelessly protect the Free Peoples from lurking shadows and unseen dangers. In their duty to safeguard the realm, these Rangers of the North selflessly walk in harm’s way…The Angmar Awakened Hero Expansion includes 8 heroes for The Lord of the Rings: The ..
Model: BGNM3764
The western lands of Eriador have long remained peaceful under the vigilance of the Rangers of the North. Yet no grave can contain the evil forces of Angmar, which lurk in wild and ancient places, stretching the valorous Dúnedain rangers far and thin in their duty to protect the land.In the A..
Ashes Reborn: The Scholar of Ruin
Model: BGNM3770
Rowan uses ceremonial and time magic to excavate the physical and temporal ruins surrounding the historic battle site of Abylon. This original home of the legendary Phoenixborn Jericho is a powerful well of dormant magic, and Rowan will stop at nothing to harness it! Rowan’s pair of abilities ..
Ashes Reborn: The Ocean's Guard
Model: BGNM3771
Tristan Darkwater, the Phoenixborn that only rumors have known, has finally risen to the surface to answer the call of the Phoenix in The Ocean’s Guard! Behold his power as he communes with the life of every being in the ocean.Tristan uses sympathy magic and time magic to enhance the innate ab..
Model: BGNM3769
Hope Everthorn uses illusion and time magic to sculpt the dreams of their foes, challenging their notions of reality and fantasy! Use Hope's duplication abilities to swarm foes with conjured spirits!Use this prebuilt deck to take down your opponents,or combine Hope's cards with your favorite Ashes s..
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