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Trickerion: Bundle Big Box - Strategy

Trickerion: Bundle Big Box ($320.99) - Strategy
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Trickerion: Bundle Big Box - Strategy
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Note: This is the Big Box Edition and NOT the Kickstarter Edition of the Game.

Trickerion - Legends of Illusion is a thematic, medium-heavy Euro-style game of rival stage illusionists. In this game, you are a Victorian-era magician, with a team of apprentices and specialists you can assign to various tasks using worker placement and simultaneous action selection.

These tasks include collecting magical components, expanding your assortment of Tricks, and preparing magnificent magic shows in the Theater for you to perform at the end of each round. Performances can earn you money, but ultimately, you are in it for Fame: the more famous you are, the better Tricks you can learn, and the Magician with the most Fame points will win the game.


- Trickerion - Legends of Illusion base game
- Trickerion - Dahlgaard's Academy expansion
- Trickerion - Dahlgaard's Gifts add-on pack
- Module - Dark Alley
- Module - Duel of Magicians
- Module - Magicians Powers
- Uniquely numbered alternate art box - velvet Box Lid
- Revised core rulebook

- Some Strech Goals.

Some of these items are available in the Big Box. Please review the Mindclash games site for an exact list of items.

Stretch Goals:

- Solo Mode
- 4 new Magicians
- Double Decker Plastic Trays
- 2 Academy Shillings
- Dawn of Technology mini expansion
- Extra Special Assignment cards, Extra Prophecies, Extra Dark Alley cards, extra Class Room and Practice Room tiles, etc.
- Mystery at the Academy unlocks
- Workshop Contraptions Module

Players 1 - 4 players
Age 14+ years
Time 60 - 180 mins
Designers Richard Amann, Viktor Peter
Artists Villő Farkas, László Fejes
Mechanism Action Points, Action Queue, Catch the Leader, Dice Rolling, Simultaneous Action Selection, Tile Placement, Turn Order: Stat-Based, Worker Placement, Worker Placement, Different Worker Types
Year Published 2019
Difficulty 4.6/5
Game Type Competitive
Rating 8.8/10
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