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One Piece

The One Piece Card Game is a collectible card game based on the popular Japanese manga and anime series, One Piece. It was first introduced in Japan in 2000 and has since been translated and released in various countries around the world.

In the game, players use a deck of cards featuring characters, items, and events from the One Piece series to battle against each other. Each player starts with a deck of 60 cards and takes turns drawing and playing cards, attempting to defeat their opponent's crew.

The game features various types of cards, including Character cards, Item cards, and Event cards. Character cards represent the various characters from the One Piece series and have various abilities and powers that can be used in battle. Item cards represent items and weapons that can be used to aid the player's crew or hinder their opponent's. Event cards represent various events and occurrences that can happen during the game.

The objective of the game is to defeat the opponent's crew by reducing their crew's hit points to zero. Players can do this by using their own crew to attack their opponent's crew or by using Item cards to gain an advantage in the battle.

Overall, the One Piece Card Game is a fun and engaging way for fans of the One Piece series to collect their favorite characters and compete against other players in a strategic battle. It has become a popular game among players of all ages and skill levels.

Model: BGNM5772
A lineup of mainstay characters in various themes! Look forward to more information (coming soon)! This pack is filled with popular characters such as Bonney of the Supernovas and Hancock of the Kuja Pirates! Other themes will be included too! More information is coming soon!   Introducing Neve..
Brand: None Model: BGNM5627
Win from your very first game with this super strong Starter Deck! This deck aims to increase the number of players by giving existing and new players the opportunity to start winning games right away!   A “Three Brothers” theme and the perfect complement to OP-06! The card lineup f..
Brand: None Model: BGNM5626
Additional booster products create lasting buzz! We're building more buzz by releasing products between regular packs that shake up the meta!   A lineup of popular characters in various themes! Includes popular characters from the entire ONE PIECE storyline in a various themes! The lineup inclu..
Brand: None Model: BGNM5540
Here comes a set of goods to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of the ONE PIECE Card Game Japanese ver.! This set is truly Premium including cards with new illustrations and other specially designed goods.    [Set Contents] Storage Box: 1 Card: 3 (3 types×1 card) Playmat: 1 Card Sleeves..
Brand: None Model: BGNM5541
[Set Contents] -Cards: 9 cards -Card booklet: 1 booklet   To commemorate the NETFLIX ONE PIECE starting here comes a Premium Card Collection featuring characters that appeared in it!   The cards also feature illustrations of the live action characters for the first time!   Enjoy the O..
One Piece CG Premium Card Collection Best Selection
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Brand: None Model: BGNM5539
A collection of cards frequently used in player’s decks is being released as a Premium Card Collection! Enjoy the ONE PIECE CARD GAME even more by using these cards with new illustrations! *The cards in this product are different versions of previously released cards featuring alternate illust..
Brand: None Model: BGNM5195
Contents: ・Playmat: 1 Playmat ・Half Strage Box: 1 box  ..
Brand: None Model: BGNM5194
Contents:  ・Playmat: 1 Playmat ・Half Strage Box: 1 box..
Brand: None Model: BGNM5193
Contents: ・Playmat: 1 Playmat ・Half Strage Box: 1 box..
Brand: None Model: BGNM5192
Contents: ・Playmat: 1 Playmat ・Half Strage Box: 1 box..
Brand: None Model: BGNM5191
Contents: ・Playmat: 1 Playmat ・Half Strage Box: 1 box..
Brand: None Model: BGNM5141
Simultaneous Release of Two Popular Characters! Two decks featuring the internationally popular characters Monkey.D.Luffy and Yamato will be released at the same time! Whether you’re new to ONE PIECE CARD GAME or already building up your card collection, this is the character lineup you’..
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