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Point City - Solo

Point City ($26.99) - Solo
Point City - Solo
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From the team that brought you the smash hit Point Salad, Point City is a card-drafting, engine-building game with more than 150 unique building cards, giving you the opportunity to create a completely different city each time you play!

The rules are simple: Take two adjacent cards from the dynamic city grid and add them to your expanding city. Use your resource cards and bonuses to construct building cards that require specific combinations. Build special civic structures to multiply your city's points and be the top urban planner!

Point City takes the same simple concept of drafting cards and building the best combinations, then adds new layers of resource management and engine building to the mix — making the game easy to learn, but challenging for everyone!

—description from designer

Players 1 - 4 players
Age 10+ years
Time 15 - 30 mins
Designers Molly Johnson, Robert Melvin, Shawn Stankewich
Artists Dylan Mangini
Mechanism Open Drafting, Set Collection
Year Published 2023
Difficulty 1.0/5
Game Type Competitive
Rating 7.9/10
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