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Juicy Fruits: Mystic Island

Juicy Fruits: Mystic Island
Juicy Fruits: Mystic Island
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  • Model: BGNM5644
Not far from the fruit paradise found in Juicy Fruits, players have discovered a mysterious island, which they can now explore with the help of their explorer figure. If you have good timing when moving your figures across the island, you can collect additional points.

Juicy Fruits: Mystic Island contains three modules for Juicy Fruits: the Mystic Island module, the boulder module, and new trade tiles.

—description from the publisher

Players 1 - 4 players
Age 8+ years
Time 20 - 50 mins
Designers Christian Stöhr
Artists Annika Heller
Mechanism Area Movement, Contracts, Grid Movement, Tile Placement
Year Published 2024
Difficulty 0.0/5
Game Type Competitive
Rating 8.1/10
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