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Ashes Reborn: The Ocean s Guard - Ashes Reborn

Ashes Reborn: The Ocean s Guard ($16.99) - Ashes Reborn
Ashes Reborn: The Ocean s Guard - Ashes Reborn
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Tristan Darkwater, the Phoenixborn that only rumors have known, has finally risen to the surface to answer the call of the Phoenix in The Ocean’s Guard! Behold his power as he communes with the life of every being in the ocean.

Tristan uses sympathy magic and time magic to enhance the innate abilities of his ecosystem of oceanic creatures, as seen through his Magnify ability. He uses this power to specialize in swarming the battlefield. But Tristan isn’t one to sit back passively. When the time is right, he will unleash his signature move to clear a path for his tidal wave of attacking force!

This expansion deck is ready to play, or combine cards with your favorite allies and spells to create the ultimate Phoenixborn deck!

Players 2 - 2 players
Age 14+ years
Time 30 - 90 mins
Designers Nick Conley, Isaac Vega
Artists Caterina Kalymniou, Jen Santos, Fajareka Setiawan, Fernanda Suárez
Mechanism Card Play Conflict Resolution, Deck Construction, Dice Rolling
Year Published 2022
Difficulty 0.0/5
Game Type Competitive
Rating 9.0/10
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